Science Programming

The science track brings you the latest in science, technology, and related academics fields including law and medicine. From the depths of outer space, to the nanometer scale, and into the final frontiers of our hearts and minds, the science track informs you about your world, the human condition, and the dedicated men and women who seek to better understand it.

What Is ConFusion All About, Anyway?

ConFusion is a fan-run science fiction and fantasy convention held annually in the Detroit area. By day we have panel discussions, presentations, concerts, and lots of really interesting people to hang out and chat with. By night we have parties, costumes, a dance, and lots of really interesting people to hang out and chat with. Sound like your cup of tea? Read on!

Comics Programming

Eager to explore new literary directions this year, Confusion is introducing a new track of programming: the Comic Book Track! For comic fans, topics from Archie to Zatana, Warren Ellis to Will Eisner, and Stan Lee to Stanley Kubrick will surely offer something to pique everyone’s interest.


Online Registration is now open! Sign up now for the discount rate.

before 01-Jan-2012
At The Door
Adult Membership $35 $50
KidFusion Membership $20 $25
KidFusion Pizza & Pajama Party + $15 + $20


Attention Dealer Wannabees!

If you have an interest in being one of our dealers for ConFusion in 2012, we ask that you look over the information on our Dealers page. It should answer your questions about fees, table size, selection procedure, etc. Applications are being accepted by mail.

Toastmaster -- Jim C. Hines

© Craig Hebert

Jim C. Hines began writing in the early 90s, while working on a degree in psychology from Michigan State University. His first professional sale was the award-winning “Blade of the Bunny,” which took first place in the 1998 Writers of the Future competition and was published in Writers of the Future XV.

Special GoH -- Roxanne Meida King

Photo credit: Kevin Nickerson

Roxanne King has been around midwestern SF fandom for longer than she cares to admit. Treasurer for AASFA for about five years, she chaired MoonBase ConFusion in 2007. She founded and hosted the popular GT Suite at cons in Chicago and Detroit for about ten years. She has studiously avoided becoming involved in running Worldcons.

Fan GoH -- Tom Smith

For over two decades, Tom Smith, The World's Fastest Filker, has been breaking hearts, crippling minds, and dropping jaws across the country and around the world.

Pro GoH -- Patrick Rothfuss

Patrick Rothfuss had the good fortune to be born in Wisconsin where long winters and lack of cable television brought about a love of reading and writing. His mother read to him as a child, and his father taught him to build things. If you are looking for the roots of his storytelling, look there.

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