Schedule of Events

Who? What? When? Where? Here's what's happening at Epic ConFusion. Full details for all events are below the calendar.

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Anime Room

Friday 04:00 PM Boardroom

Vision of Escaflowne' - Hitomi Kanzaki is a typical high school girl, with typical high school problems. When a vision of a young man battling a dragon becomes a reality, she finds herself involved in events and life changes that will stay with her forever as she adventures on Gaea..
(Anime Club of Michigan)

Hilarious Hats Go Hunting

Friday 06:00 PM TeenFusion

Make a hat from duct tape and newspaper and wear it while hunting for autographs around the convention. All those that complete the hunt will get a reward at the end of con.
(Lisa Garrison-Ragsdale)

Anime Room

Friday 06:00 PM Boardroom

Planetes - The year is 2075, and mankind has reached a point where journeying between Earth, the moon and the space stations is part of daily life. Welcome to the work-a-day world of the near future, a place where exploration is not the mission, it's keeping people safe. Part of that safety mission is space debris, which can cause excessive and even catastrophic damage to spacecrafts and equipment. This is the story of Technora's Debris Collecting section, its EVA worker, Hachirota "Hachimaki" Hoshino, and the newcomer to the group, Ai Tanabe.

Shake, Rattle and Roll

Friday 06:00 PM KidFusion Suite

Make some noise makers and shake your sillies out while freeze dancing.
(Kristy and Charley Gamble, Alex Brandt)

So this is your first Con? The Tour!

Friday 07:00 PM Lobby by Registration Desk

Come along and find out from others who've been here before what to do, how to have fun and other exciting things at ConFusion.
(Special GOH Roxanne Meida King [M], Dave Stein)

I, Suck

Friday 07:00 PM Salon E

Our Guest of Honor, Toastmaster, and other writing luminaries play "dueling suck" with their own works, trying to see who can best generate a vacuum.
(Jim C. Hines [M], Patrick Rothfuss, John Scalzi, Scott Lynch, Joe Abercrombie)

Anime Room

Friday 07:00 PM Boardroom

Tales of the Abyss - A child of a noble house finds his life a total fabrication and he comes to realize he shouldn't exist.
This epic adventure tale is an anime adaptation of the computer game by the same name, Tales of the Abyss.
(Terry Williams, Anime Club)

Reading with Saladin Ahmed and Cat Rambo

Friday 07:00 PM Salon H

Join one of Michigan's hot new authors and a former ConFusion Guest of Honor as they read from forthcoming works.
(Saladin Ahmed, Cat Rambo)

CocoaClatch Reading and Q&A

Friday 07:00 PM TeenFusion

Join a young adult author or two as they share a selection from one of their novels. Enjoy Cocoa and Cookies while listening and asking questions about their writing adventures
(Merrie Haskell, DJ DeSmyter)

Super Silly Science

Friday 07:00 PM KidFusion Suite

You CAN do this at home! Come learn some science experiments that you can take home and impress your friends.
(Kristy and Charley Gamble, Dustin Wenzel)

Improve the Con!

Friday 07:00 PM Dennison III/IV

The Ann Arbor Science Fiction Association are giving away micro-grants to enable more fun at ConFusion... come present your ideas to the AASFA Board!
(Sheryl Bradakis, Dr. Lucy Kennedy, Limey Zrnich, Amy Zrnich, Anna Carey, Brian Decker, Aaron Thul)

Race, Gender, and Class

Friday 07:00 PM Salon G

The dynamics of race, class, and gender play a significant role in the politics and economics of the real world. How often do they have a similar impact in fiction, and what are some good examples of it in genre?
(Steven Harper Piziks [M], Kameron Hurley, Kristine Smith, Sarah Zettel, Jay Lake)

Fantasy and Horror

Friday 07:00 PM Salon F

Science Fiction and horror have long had a strong relationship. Can the same be said of fantasy and horror, or are the two genres not compatible?
(Steve Buchheit [M], Peter V. Brett, Ferrett Steinmetz, Violette Malan, Howard Andrew Jones)

Comic Book Movies

Friday 07:00 PM Athens

Stan Lee must be constantly doing the velociraptor due to all of the awesome things they can do with the movies nowadays. How has the movie industry influences comic books and vice versa? Are these good changes? Furthermore, what would be the best and worst comic books to turn into movies?
(Alex Drummer, Andrew Drummer, Kelly Rowe, Andrew Eadie)

A Potpourri of Health and Longevity Practices

Friday 07:00 PM Dennison I/II

A variety of health and longevity practices will be discussed with a critical view to scientific justification. Techniques discussed will include sleep, exercise, organic food, meditation, massage, calorie restriction, supplements, and cryonics, among others. Ben Best has bachelor's degrees in pharmacy and physics, and is currently President of the Cryonics Institute.
(Ben Best)

Badges, Beads and Beans

Friday 08:00 PM KidFusion Suite

Decorate your badges, make bracelets, necklaces and other creations and mosaics with beads and beans.
(Larc Bogdan, Lisa Garrison-Ragsdale)

Roll your Role – D&D for beginners

Friday 08:00 PM TeenFusion

Brian Bay will lead you as you create a character to use during the D&D game to be held Saturday. He will coach you on the basics of role-playing and the rules of Dungeons and Dragons.
(Brian Bay)

Opening Ceremonies and Speeches by our Guests of Honor

Friday 08:00 PM Salon E

Authors- Patrick Rothfuss; Fan- Roxanne Meida King; Scientist- Dr. Harley Thronson; Music - Tom Smith; Toastmaster - Jim C. Hines; Subterranean Press Special Guests- Joe Abercrombie, Robin Hobb, Peter V. Brett, Brent Weeks;

Anime Room

Friday 08:30 PM Boardroom

Project Ako concerns the daughter of superhero parents and her friendship with an alien princess. The aliens finally comes after many years and want their princess back.

Dessert Reception with the Guests of Honor

Friday 09:00 PM SALON F/G/H

This is a great place to walk right up to your particular favorite author or panelist for a quick chat or just to meet someone new. People, food and drink will be on hand.

The Mystery of Entropy

Friday 09:00 PM Dennison I/II

Entropy is a physical concept often mystified by physics teachers and misused by philosophers and biologists. The physics and demystification of entropy will be explained with minimal mathematics.
(Ben Best)

Chesire Moon

Friday 09:00 PM Niles

Start the weekend with a concert by one of filk music’s best new duos.
(Eric Coleman, Lizzie Crowe)

Gin Tasting Not Your Grandmother's Bathtub!

Friday 09:00 PM Concierge Lounge-12th Floor

Join Sharon Myers-Shaw and Wyn Jones for a gin tasting. A range from old style London Dry to new regional gins will be served. Discussion of history, recipes, and comparison of types. Tasting will be samples of each gin both straight and in tonic water. Sign up in advance at Ops.
(Wyn Jones, Sharon Myers-Shaw)

The Five Areas of Identity Theft & Identity Theft Products

Friday 09:00 PM Dennison III/IV

Are you or have you been a victim of Identity Theft? Did you know that there are five areas of Identity Theft? Learn what they are and what you can do to protect yourself against them. Find out more information about Identity Theft products, their similarities and differences. Raffle and Prizes. Must be present to win.
(George Andaluz)

Anime Room

Friday 10:00 PM Boardroom

Freedom – Eden, a lunar colony, is the last enclave of human civilization, with the earth dead and desolate from overcrowding and pollution... or so the schools teach. While out on the lunar surface Takeru finds evidence this is a lie, in the form of a “message in a bottle”.

Dawn and Greg Naked Comedy Show, Superhero Style

Friday 10:00 PM Dennison I/II

It’s a bird! it’s a plane! It’s...what the hell did Dawn just say?! That wasn’t kid friendly.... Listen as Dawn and Greg mock a comic book movie of their choice! Watch in awe as they display their superpowers of wit and offensiveness against the evil villain of badly done superhero movies!
(Dawn Kuczwara, Greg Williams)

Epic Rocky Horror

Friday 10:00 PM Dennison III/IV

An overview of the Rocky Horror Picture Show and its fandom, covering the movie and plot, history, RHPS audience participation, props and etiquette. Q & A. Recommended for both RHPS ‘virgins’ who have not seen the film and those reminiscing.
(Tim Downing, Bett, Maggi Idzikowski)

Open Filk.

Friday 10:30 PM Niles

Join the music! Come to sing, play, recite, or listen. All are welcome

The Chocolate Ritual

Friday 11:00 PM Concierge Lounge-12th Floor

A decadent ConFusion tradition.
(Sarah Smith)


Anime Room

Saturday 12:00 AM Boardroom

High School of the Dead – It's the zombie apocalypse! As people try to escape the infection, a group of high schoolers, try to find their own way to safety.

How to Discover Science Fiction Fandom

Saturday 09:00 AM Dennison III/IV

How have people have found science fiction fandom over the years? Why do they stay in it? How can we make it easier for them to find us in the future?
(Jeff Beeler [M], Joel Zakem)

How Reading Science Fiction Turned Me into an Anthropologist

Saturday 09:00 AM Dennison I/II

This lecture explains how a Dutch boy became a cultural anthropologist by starting to read American science fiction author Jack Vance at age nine. It is a testimony that reading science fiction can change your life forever.
(Henri Gooren)

Non-Denominational Meditation Time

Saturday 09:00 AM Concierge Lounge-12th Floor

So this is your first Con?

Saturday 09:00 AM Boardroom

Come along and find out from others who've been here before what to do, how to have fun and other exciting things at ConFusion.
(Special GOH Roxanne Meida King [M], Dave Stein)

Evolution and Behavior

Saturday 10:00 AM Dennison I/II

Vampire bats share. Chimps patrol. Ants and crabs farm. Bees dance. Humans empathize. This talk examines the relationship between evolution and behavior. Expect to participate with an active learning exercise or two.
(Richard Herrell)

Grammar Police

Saturday 10:00 AM Salon F

Grammar and spelling are two of the fundamental building blocks of writing. The importance of doing it right might seem obvious, but many people get it wrong anyway. What are the core rules, what's optional, and when can you break the rules?
(Anne S. Zanoni [M], Christian Klaver, Jason Sanford, Charles P. Zaglanis)

Kaffeeklatsch with Toastmaster Jim Hines

Saturday 10:00 AM Concierge Lounge

Sign up at Operations.
(Jim C. Hines)

Reading with Jay Lake and Howard Andrew Jones

Saturday 10:00 AM Athens

Join two exciting authors as they read from forthcoming work.
(Jay Lake, Howard Andrew Jones)

Cartoons, Crafts and Crayons

Saturday 10:00 AM KidFusion Suite

Come watch cartoons and make a craft or color.
(Kristy and Charley Gamble, Dustin Wenzel)

Reading the Stuff

Saturday 10:00 AM Niles

How to Start a Science Fiction discussion group
(Jeff Beeler [M], Stewart Sternberg)

The History of the Graphic Novel

Saturday 10:00 AM Dennison III/IV

Not all graphic novels are created equal. In fact, most graphic novels are actually trade paperbacks; a collection of comic books put into a book for simpler reading. However, many graphic novels are phenomenal stories, and have changed the way comic books are written. Listen as Geralyn and Kelly discuss the history of the graphic novel and the most influential of this genre.
(Geralyn Lance, Kelly Rowe)

Over the Horizon

Saturday 10:00 AM Salon E

Forget the next big thing, what's the thing after that, or that? Be it technology or art or the fusion of the two, panelists discuss what kinds of things might we be looking at beyond the next generation of innovation.
(Tobias Buckell [M], Kristine Smith, Doselle Young, Michelle Sagara West)

Video Games

Saturday 10:00 AM Salon G

Most young adults spend more time playing video games than at the movies or watching television. What part does science fiction play in their entertainment world?
(Ferrett Steinmetz, Stewart Sternberg)

Reading with Peter V. Brett and Brent Weeks

Saturday 10:00 AM Salon H

Join two of our Special Guests, courtesy of Subterranean Press, as they read from forthcoming works.
(Peter V. Brett, Brent Weeks)

Saturday Morning Anime

Saturday 10:00 AM TeenFusion

Join your friends for your daily fix of Anime. Feel free to “MST3K” it along the way if you wish.

Hidden Anime in America

Saturday 10:00 AM Boardroom

Think anime in America started with Robotech? (1986) Actually no. By that time it had a 15 year head start.
Through video and movie clips, this presentation will chronicle events that reflect on how anime is perceived today.
(Terry Williams [M])

Business 101

Saturday 11:00 AM Salon G

The role of writer-as-small-business continues to evolve, but by now it seems certain that the creative arts will never be as free from the messy business of business as they once, if ever, were. How to manage that side of professional writing is a tricky, but conquerable hurdle. How do you do it? Where do you start? Come here to find out.
(Gretchen Ash [M], Carrie Harris, Brent Weeks, Catherine Shaffer)

Anime Room

Saturday 11:00 AM Boardroom

Phoenix: Persistence of Time - Osamu Tezuka's epic tale of the eternal cycle of the phoenix, and how mankind chases after the dream of eternal life.

Kookieklatch Storytime

Saturday 11:00 AM KidFusion Suite

Cookies and Stories
(Larc Bogdan, Alex Brandt, Selected Guest Readers)

Reading with Kristine Smith and Jim C. Hines

Saturday 11:00 AM Athens

Join Kristine Smith and our Toastmaster, Jim Hines, as they read from the forthcoming Modern Fae anthology, due out in March.
(Kristine Smith, Jim C. Hines)

Costume Creation

Saturday 11:00 AM Niles

Have a costume you've been wanting to make? Need some tips on how to build your next prop? Come ask the members of N.U.E.T (the Nearly Useless Entertainment Team) and see some of what they have already done. If you have a costume you want to show off come on over.
(Alex Drummer, Kevin McLeod, Justin Coluzzi)

2011 in Genre Film

Saturday 11:00 AM Salon E

A discussion of the science fiction, fantasy and horror films of 2011. How did this year's output compare with other recent years? What did you like, what did you hate?
(John Scalzi [M], David M Stein, Andrew Drummer, Alex von Thorn, Rick Jackson)

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope and Beyond

Saturday 11:00 AM Dennison I/II

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is NASA’s major astronomical observatory for this decade and will allow scientists from around the world to explore the very earliest periods of formation of galaxies. This talk will describe the current status of JWST, its expected discoveries, and candidate astronomy missions to follow.
(Dr. Harley Thronson)

The Legacy of Thud and Blunder

Saturday 11:00 AM Salon F

Over 30 years ago, Poul Anderson wrote a seminal essay on the question of realism, especially in heroic fantasy. What effect has it had on the genre and is it still the problem that Anderson identified?
(Scott Lynch [M], Elizabeth Bear, Howard Andrew Jones, Violette Malan)

Knit and Bitch

Saturday 11:00 AM Concierge Lounge 12th Floor

A knitting gathering, where attendees discuss knitting for a few minutes, and then we all sit around and knit at each other for the rest of the hour.
(Roxanne Meida King [M], Wyn Jones)

Writers Workshop

Saturday 11:00 AM TeenFusion

Al Bogdan will lead you in an adventure in writing. He will touch base on the basics of a good story and character development and hopefully you will have the beginnings of your own adventure at the end of the session.
(Al Bogdan)

Killer Parties

Saturday 11:00 AM Salon H

No, not the one in 1421 that's going to go all night long, but the fictional, multi-character sort. What makes a good group, and how is it the ones that work seem to work really, really well? Is it more than just getting the Jock, the Princess, the Burnout, the Nerd, and the Rebel together in the school library?
(Kameron Hurley [M], Cat Rambo, Steve Buchheit, Myke Cole, Michelle Sagara West)

Philosophy of Self Defense

Saturday 11:00 AM Dennison III/IV

Class Description: The needs of self defense can raise challenging ethical questions. This round table discussion style panel gives participants the opportunity to explore their personal ethical concerns surrounding questions involving self defense, including “Is is ever appropriate to harm another?” and “Do individuals have a responsibility to learn to defend themselves?” Many viewpoints will be encouraged to allow for an understanding of multiple perspectives.
(Heather Gutterman)

Introduction to Comic Books

Saturday 12:00 PM Athens

Never read a comic book in your life? Was Christopher Reeve donning the tights the last time you thought about reading a comic book? Do you wonder what the hell graphic novels are? Then this panel is for you! Listen as our fearless panelists discuss the best comics to dip your toes into.
(Kelly Rowe, Andrew Eadie, Dean Stahl)

Epic Egg Drop

Saturday 12:00 PM KidFusion Suite

Can you create an Epic Egg protection device? Come see what you can build out of cardboard and foam then see if it is enough to protect your egg.
(Richard Herrell, Matthew Ragsdale)

Writing Funny

Saturday 12:00 PM Niles

Hear our panelists talk about the elements of comedy writing.
(Mark Bernstein, Tom Smith, Eric Coleman)

Learn about OpenBSD

Saturday 12:00 PM Dennison III/IV

OpenBSD is a variant of UNIX, known for its security. An overview will be given on some of its main features. Installation help is available depending on interest.
(Marcus Watts, Steve Andre Want)

From Earth to the Moon... ...Almost: Why Free Space Could be the Next Major Destination for Human Space Flight

Saturday 12:00 PM Dennison I/II

Since the end of the Apollo Program, plans for human space flight have generally emphasized major goals, such as Mars or a return to the Moon. There is another option that many experts think makes more sense: free space beyond Earth orbit and almost to the Moon.
(Dr. Harley Thronson)

KidFusion Closed for one Hour

Saturday 12:00 PM KidFusion Suite

The History of Corsets and Choosing the Correct Style for You

Saturday 12:00 PM Salon F

In this class I will cover a brief history of corsets, different styles and they shape that they provide. I will also talk about corset dos and don'ts and what to expect when wearing a corset
(Jessica Crutchfield)

SF on TV

Saturday 12:00 PM Salon G

From Game of Thrones to Eureka: It's now 2012 what was the best and worst of genre television in the last 12 months?
(Alex von Thorn [M], Stewart Sternberg, David M Stein, Ferrett Steinmetz)

Anime Room

Saturday 12:45 PM Boardroom

Guin Saga - A swordsman awakes with a name ringing in his ears, and no memory as to who and what he is. Suddenly he finds his peace disturbed as two escaping children, literately falls into his lap. The fleeing royalty that are being pursued by an invading army and there is only Guin to come to their aid.

Worldbuilding 101

Saturday 01:00 PM Salon E

Hey kids, let's build a world! It's been over 50 years since Tolkien set a high bar for the depth and breadth of constructing a fantasy world. With Guest of Honor Patrick Rothfuss, our panelists discuss what it takes to make a world that readers can feel immersed in.
(Cat Rambo [M], Patrick Rothfuss, Tobias Buckell, Peter V. Brett, Brent Weeks)

Reading with Joe Abercrombie and Robin Hobb

Saturday 01:00 PM Athens

Join two of our Special Guests, courtesy of Subterranean Press, read from forthcoming works.
(Joe Abercrombie, Robin Hobb)

Will the Real Fan GoH...

Saturday 01:00 PM Concierge Lounge 12th Floor

Fan Guest of Honour Introduction/Induction a traditional ConFusion event wherein all the previous ConFusion Fan GoHs who are in attendance welcome the new Fan GoH to the club
(Tom Smith, Roxanne Meida King, Jeff Beeler [M])

Your Five Minutes of Fame

Saturday 01:00 PM Niles

We provide the stage, you provide the talent. Open sign up at Niles, with up to eight slots available.
(Mark Bernstein)

Religion in Science Fiction: Analyzing a Shift of Focus

Saturday 01:00 PM Dennison III/IV

Associate Professor of Anthropology Henri Gooren explores Orson Scott Card’s thesis that science fiction has neglected the topic of religion, because of its positivist hard-science roots. The conclusion also contrasts the subgenres of science fiction and fantasy to analyze why fantasy has come to dominate the genre.
(Henri Gooren)

Science in Fantasy

Saturday 01:00 PM Salon F

Does the scientific method have a place in fantasy or does the presence of magic and active gods and such preclude it? Whether it leads to technology, or just a scientific understanding of the setting and magic, what can the practice of science add to fantasy?
(Jason Sanford [M], Catherine Shaffer, Jim C. Hines, Cindy Spencer Pape)

What is ConFusion's Masquerade?

Saturday 01:00 PM Salon G

New to the Masquerade, ConFusion, etc? Come and find out what all the fuss is about!
(Limey Zrnich)

KidFusion Closed for one Hour

Saturday 01:00 PM KidFusion Suite

The Physics of Digital vs. Film Photography

Saturday 01:00 PM Dennison I/II

Taking pictures in 2011 versus 1981. Just a matter of putting a sensor where film used to go? Not exactly. And can't you just fix everything in PhotoShop? Not exactly. If you understand how cameras have changed in the last thirty years, you'll take better pictures.
(Dr. Phil Kaldon)

Natural Sounding Dialogue

Saturday 01:00 PM Salon H

Writing dialogue is not just recreating how people talk, but an art within the art of writing, distilling conversation down to bare essentials. Who does it well, and how do you do it in your own writing?
(Kristine Smith [M], John Scalzi, Myke Cole, Christine Purcell, Christian Klaver)

KidFusion Pool Time

Saturday 02:00 PM Pool

Join your fannish friends at the pool for some fun and games. Parents are encouraged to stay with their children if they are not adept at swimming.
(Kristy and Charley Gamble, Larc Bogdan, Lisa Garrison-Ragsdale, Alex Brandt)

Costuming Comic Book Characters

Saturday 02:00 PM Dennison III/IV

Spandex and capes, what the hell does a person do with those? Listen to awesome comic book costumer Alex discuss his best techniques!
(Alex Drummer, Geralyn Lance, LImey Zrnich)

Reading with Dr. Phil Kaldon and Ferrett Steinmetz

Saturday 02:00 PM Salon F

Join a Writers of the Future winner and a Clarion writer as they read from forthcoming works.
(Dr. Phil Kaldon, Ferrett Steinmetz)

Human Space Flight Beyond Earth: Why “Sooner” Is so Much More Important than “Later”

Saturday 02:00 PM Dennison I/II

Clever and inventive individuals have been proposing options for human space flight to take humans to Mars, to colonize the Moon, or to explore asteroids. In a realistic budget and political environment, these are all at least a few decades into the future. What might be instead achieved much sooner. And why?
(Dr. Harley Thronson)

A Toast to Mike Glicksohn!

Saturday 02:00 PM Concierge Lounge 12th Floor

Mike was the Fan Guest of Honour at the first ConFusion and attended every year after that up to 2011 as he was too ill to attend and he passed away only weeks after the convention. He was a guiding spirit of the convention over the years and only wanted a toast in his memory.
(Joel Zakem [M], Jeff Beeler)

YA Literature: Can the youth share?

Saturday 02:00 PM Salon G

Teens and panelists discuss the appeal of Young Adult Literature to those who are no longer young adults and decide if there is a line that cannot be crossed or if more makes merrier. Selected Teens and Panelists
(Anne Harris, Merrie Haskell, Robin Hobb)

Anime Room

Saturday 02:00 PM Boardroom

Dirty Pair – The Dirty Pair OAV's are back in print after ten years of not being available. They will be out by the time of the convention.
Kei and Yuri are back in action as they Head off to a Prison asteroid to rescue the warden and stop the riot.
During the chaos of a Halloween party that is citywide, they have to stop a runaway Battle Android before it goes into battle mode.

Guest of Honor Q&A

Saturday 02:00 PM Athens

An open question and answer session with our Guest of Honor Patrick Rothfuss!
(Patrick Rothfuss)

Trilogy: The Base Unit of Fantasy?

Saturday 02:00 PM Salon E

Sure, with series like The Wheel of Time and A Song of Ice and Fire, fantasy series have gone well beyond three books, but is the trilogy a necessary minimum, or can fantasy novels stand alone?
(Joe Abercrombie [M], Brad Beaulieu, Saladin Ahmed, Michelle Sagara West, Jay Lake)

The Shared Universe

Saturday 02:00 PM Salon H

Tie-ins, adaptations, reboots, and collaborations all see authors writing in fictional universes created by or shared with other authors and creators. What are some of the rewards and challenges of working in this environment?
(Cindy Spencer Pape [M], Cat Rambo, Elizabeth Bear, Steve Buchheit, Tobias Buckell)

Mark Bernstein

Saturday 02:30 PM Niles

Local singer/songwriter/storyteller Mark Bernstein takes the stage for an hour.
(Mark Bernstein)

D&D game

Saturday 03:00 PM TeenFusion

Brian Bay is the Dungeon Master of this beginner level Dungeons and Dragons game. If you were not able to roll your own character on Friday night, you can still play. (3hrs)
(Brian Bay)

Bicycle racing the impact of technology

Saturday 03:00 PM Salon G

A talk about the impact of technology like carbon fibre, etc. not too mention biological advances like steroids and human growth hormones.
(Roxanne Meida King [M], Limey Zrnich)

High Weirdness in the Dealer’s Room

Saturday 03:00 PM Dealer's Room Entrance

We will channel Timothy O’Leary, Robert Anton Wilson and Philip Jose Farmer as we seek the truly odd and whimsical in our otherwise "ordinary" dealer's room.
(Jeff Beeler [M], Rick Jackson)

Anime Room

Saturday 03:00 PM Boardroom

Fairy Tail – Lucy Heartfelt has the talent of a celestial mage but to make money with her talents she needs to join a Guild. But in her journey to Magnolia, to check out Guilds, she runs across an unscrupulous magician enslaving women.

E-Reader Round Up and Show and Tell

Saturday 03:00 PM Salon H

Got an ebook reader for Christmas and want to show it off or learn how to more with it? Then bring it along to this panel and swap tips with other users.
(Jeff Beeler [M], Katherine Becker)

Reading with Jason Sanford and Bradley Beaulieu

Saturday 03:00 PM Athens

Join a pair of authors new to ConFusion as they read from forthcoming works.
(Bradley Beaulieu, Jason Sanford)

The Writing Process

Saturday 03:00 PM Salon E

How do authors go about the actual process of writing, does it change over time or across projects, and is there any general advice, or is it all individual?
(Elizabeth Bear [M], Dr. Phil Kaldon, DJ DeSmyter, Sarah Zettel, Anne Harris)


Saturday 03:00 PM KidFusion Suite

Build a robot or a space ship! Legos will be out and ready for you to create! You are only limited by your imagination. (Until 5pm)
(Matthew Ragsdale, Alex Brandt)

I Really HATE...

Saturday 03:00 PM Dennison III/IV

Anyone can come in and have 3 minutes to details something in fandom that they hate/despise/ETC while anyone else gets the chance to give a one minute rebuttal.
(Bill Korsak [M])

YA: Fantasy v. Science Fiction

Saturday 03:00 PM Dennison I/II

Fantasy seems to dominate the shelves when it comes to YA literature, but science fiction has been gaining popularity with the likes of The Hunger Games. Can science fiction continue to grow in popularity, and go beyond the dystopia, or will fantasy remain the giant of genre?
(Ferrett Steinmetz [M], Merrie Haskell, Christine Purcell, Carrie Harris, Steven Harper Piziks)

Crowdsourcing a Novel: Q&A

Saturday 03:00 PM Salon F

In 2011, Ohio author Tobias Buckell successfully used Kickstarter to fund a new novel in his Xenowealth series. Now he's here to answer your questions about the process, and discuss the other ways in which the concept of crowdsourcing can further publishing.
(Tobias Buckell)

Peggi Warner-Lalonde

Saturday 03:30 PM Niles

Welcome Toronto-area filker Peggi Warner-Lalonde, in concert.
(Peggi Warner-Lalonde, Carolyn Brown)

Hardware Discovery Commands in Linux

Saturday 04:00 PM Dennison I/II

Users of any computer will have need from time to time to get detailed information about their hardware. You could open up your computer, try to identify the make and model of each component, and do some Google searching, But fortunately there is an easier way. Linux comes with built-in commands that give you all the information you will likely ever need.
(Kevin O'Brien)


Saturday 04:00 PM KidFusion Suite

Build a robot or a space ship! Legos will be out and ready for you to create! You are only limited by your imagination. (3-5pm)
(Matthew Ragsdale, Alex Brandt)

Molecular Gastronomy & Modernist Cooking

Saturday 04:00 PM Concierge Lounge 12th Floor

No one's quite sure what to call it, but restaurants and home cooks are bringing science into the kitchen to transform the tastes and textures of food. Tammy Coxen of Tammy's Tastings will demonstrate spherification, foaming, and other fun science tricks for the kitchen.
(Tammy Coxen [M])

Care and Feeding of the Writer

Saturday 04:00 PM Salon G

Writers can be notoriously eccentric, especially in terms of how the conditions under which they create. How do the people who cope with a writer under their roof accommodate such a strange creature, and help to maximize their writerly efficiency?
(Elizabeth Bear [M], Jim C. Hines, Catherine Shaffer, Gretchen Ash, Robin Hobb)

Non-Western Fantasy

Saturday 04:00 PM Salon F

Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and South America are fertile grounds for the sort of medieval fantasy that dominates the shelves, but most of what's there is historically rooted in European traditions and myths. Who is doing the best at exploring outside the box, and what other cultures and histories offer opportunities for the aspiring writer?
(Peter V. Brett [M], Saladin Ahmed, Kameron Hurley, Christian Klaver, Howard Andrew Jones)

Reading with Steven Harper Piziks and Violette Malan

Saturday 04:00 PM Athens

Join two multi-talented authors as they read from forthcoming works.
(Steven Harper Piziks, Violette Malan)

The Lure of the Undead

Saturday 04:00 PM Salon H

In books, movies, and video games, the various forms of the undead are as popular as ever. We're dating vampires, gunning down zombies, and... mostly ignoring mummies, but only for now. Come listen to our writers discuss the appeal to the undead, and what might be done to keep them fresh and new, so to speak.
(John Scalzi [M], DJ DeSmyter, Carrie Harris, Steve Buchheit, Ferrett Steinmetz)

Anime Room

Saturday 04:15 PM Boardroom

Megazone 23 - Motorcycle enthusiast Shogo mistakenly comes into possession of an experimental government prototype bike, but the Government has other ideas and wants it back. In a desperate attempt to save himself, he plans to expose the bike to the public on a live TV show hosted by a popular singing star. But there are more secrets than just a transforming military motorcycle. Shogo begins to unravel the mystery of the bike, and the truth about the world he thought he knew.


Saturday 05:00 PM Salon E

ConFusion’s authors will be lined up to sign your books. Authors planning to be here include: Patrick Rothfuss, Jim Hines, Joe Abercrombie, Robin Hobb, Peter V. Brett, Brent Weeks, John Scalzi, Merrie Haskell, Doselle Young, Jay Lake, Bradley Beaulieu, Anne Harris, Saladin Ahmed, Carrie Harris, Cat Rambo, Elizabeth Bear, Scott Lynch, Catherine Shaffer, Dr. Phil Kaldon, Steven Harper Piziks, Tobias Buckell, Violette Malan, Steve Buchheit, Michelle Sagara West, Kristine Smith, Kameron Hurley, Jason Sanford, Howard Andrew Jones, Ferrett Steinmetz, and Christian Klaver

Drawing for Comics

Saturday 05:00 PM Athens

Author and artist of Headlocks and Headaches discusses drawing and comic books!
(Dean Stahl)

Character Development

Saturday 05:00 PM Salon F

Have you always wanted to make an original character to go to a Con or other event as? Do you have a basic idea but don't know where to really begin? The members of N.U.E.T (the Nearly Useless Entertainment Team) will see what they can do to help. If you think you have made some nice original characters come and share them with others who want to know.
(Alex Drummer, Kevin McLeod, Justin Coluzzi)

The Other in Comics

Saturday 05:00 PM Salon G

Long have comic books only been representative of white and straight men. Marvel threw the world for a loop by having a team of characters that was made up of multiple ethnicities with the X-Men, but progress has been slow in including characters that aren’t straight and white. Even characters that are any ethnicity different than Caucasian have the problem of being white-washed. Gay characters are quickly killed, and females rarely get a backstory that doesn’t involve rape and children being taken away. Our panelists will be discussing the few “other” characters in comic books, the best written characters, and tropes that we wish would be avoided.
(Kelly Rowe [M], Carrie Dalton, Doselle Young, Geralyn Lance, Dean Stahl)

Cartooning with Kurt Erichsen

Saturday 05:00 PM KidFusion Suite

Kurt Erichson, our favorite Midwest cartoonist, leads us in an Epic cartooning session and shows us how perspective affects what we see.
(Kurt Erichson)

Anime Room

Saturday 05:35 PM Boardroom

Planetes – (see Friday at 6:00 pm)

Anime Room

Saturday 06:00 PM Boardroom

Trinity Blood - The human race... Post Armageddon. Even in this future time, the war between the vampires and the humans continue to persist. Even as humans settle other worlds, protection is still required. In order to protect the humans from the vampires, Vatican has to rely on other allies to counter the situation. The protagonist, a priest called Peter Abel Nightroad, travels through the countries as a representative for the Vaticans. However, he is also part of "Ax", a special operations group controlled by the Cardinal Catherina. His encounter with a young girl called Esther will determine the struggle and survival between the human race and the vampires.

Swordfighting with live steel

Saturday 06:00 PM Athens

A demo of swordfighting and stagefighting with real steel – signup at Ops in advance, limited participants
(Kevin McLeod)

KidFusion Closed for one Hour

Saturday 06:00 PM KidFusion Suite

Ozma Plus Fifty: My Week among the Searchers for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Saturday 06:00 PM Dennison III/IV

The modern quest to seek evidence for extraterrestrial civilizations began half a century ago. Bill Higgins recounts his journey to a distant valley filled with radio telescopes, where he met with scientists, writers, and artists in the birthplace of modern SETI.
(Bill Higgins)

Interactive: Make a music video

Saturday 07:00 PM Boardroom

Pizza/PJ Party

Saturday 07:00 PM KidFusion Suite

THIS IS A PAID EVENT Come ready to party in your pajamas! We will have pizza, pop, popcorn along with movies, games and crafts. Register for this event at the registration table. (7pm-1am)
(Additional charge applies)

Masquerade Muster

Saturday 07:00 PM Salon F

Participating in the Masquerade? Come and get your picture taken, and get in place for the masquerade!

Harry Potter Masquerade Party

Saturday 07:00 PM TeenFusion

Come dressed as your favorite Harry Potter Character as we watch several of the movies and play some trivia for chocolate. We will start with one and end with the final battle but what we watch in between will be up to you! (Until 1am)

Tom Smith Concert

Saturday 07:00 PM Dennison I/II

Our Fan Guest of Honor, in concert. Come hear the songs and jokes that have made Tom a favorite at Confusion, year after year.
(Tom Smith)

Anime Room

Saturday 07:15 PM Boardroom

Last Exile - In a world that looks like the 19th century with anti-gravity devices, Claus and Lavie are pilot and co-pilot of a Vanship and act as couriers. They become involved with a mysterious mission after rescuing a little girl from a strange star-shaped killing machine. Not willing to let the girl die, they complete the mission by delivering her to the legendary mercenary ship Sylvana, only to become part of the crew as fighter pilots.

Chilli Cook-Off

Saturday 08:00 PM Concierge Lounge 12th Floor

Come enjoy the chili at our second annual open chili cook-off invitational! If you want to participate, contact Richard Herrell. Who's cuisine will reign supreme? You will be the judge. (Tasting Period, chilli should already be prepared)
(Richard Herrell, You)

Reviews and Criticism: Taking them Gracefully

Saturday 08:00 PM Salon G

Both reviews and criticism are a fact of life for the writer. What are the right and wrong ways to deal with reviews and criticism? How can you use them to improve your work, and what sort of criticism can you safely ignore?
(Robin Hobb [M], Howard Andrew Jones, Jason Sanford, Christine Purcell, Charles P. Zaglanis)

(Un)Necessary Anachronism

Saturday 08:00 PM Salon H

Medieval-set fantasy prefigures a lot of things that we have gotten used to, like quick communication, egalitarian social and political organizations, and knowledge of things like disease transmission and sanitation. Can these kinds of things find their way into medieval fantasy believably, or are they just a necessary cheat in order to make fantasy settings seem at least slightly recognizable?
(Merrie Haskell [M], Patrick Rothfuss, Violette Malan, Joe Abercrombie, Brent Weeks)

Reading with Elizabeth Bear and Scott Lynch

Saturday 08:00 PM Athens

Come listen to Elizabeth Bear and Scott Lynch read from forthcoming works
(Elizabeth Bear, Scott Lynch)


Saturday 08:00 PM Salon E

Ladies and gentlemen BAMM! Hear all about it - ConFusion's Masquerade theme is Biff Pow!! Comic Heroes and Villains come Battle out on our Stage Saturday night. From Wood Pulp to Pixels don your cape in the nearest phone booth and see you there. If you are not part of the comic contingent please know that we welcome all genres.

Anime Room

Saturday 08:30 PM Boardroom

R.O.D – (Read Or Die... why not? After all this is a convention celebrating the literary form) Yomiko Readman is asked to come out of school teacher retirement and return to her identity as "The Paper", a secret underground operative for the British Library with the incredible power of complete control over paper. She is called to duty when a book that could spell the end of the world is stolen, and she must take it back. Going with two other operatives, she attempts to take it back and save the world.

Elven Toast

Saturday 09:00 PM Concierge Lounge 12th Floor

BYOB. Get there early if you want to participate in this tradition! All are welcome.
(Host William Hobbel)

The Rocky Horror Muppet Show

Saturday 09:00 PM Dennison I/II

What if The Muppets decided to put on a production or Rocky Horror? Tom Smith wrote the script, and this is the first time it's been performed in the Midwest since 1987. What could go wrong?
(Tom Smith and cast)


Saturday 10:00 PM Dennison III/IV

Macross Frontier: The False Songstress – The 25th colony fleet is comprised of 10 million humans, all looking for a new planets to colonize. A visit from the celebrity singer Sheryl Nome, is a treat, but few realize there is a military reason for her visit.

Theme Filk: Covers

Saturday 10:30 PM Niles

We did this last year, and it went well enough to repeat. The rules are simple - you can perform anything you want, as long as it was written by someone other than you. Extra worthless points if it's by someone in the room, or at least at the con.


Saturday 11:00 PM Salon E

Ladies and gentlemen BAMM! Hear all about it - ConFusion's Masquerade theme is Biff Pow!! Comic Heroes and Villains come Battle out on our Stage Saturday night. From Wood Pulp to Pixels don your cape in the nearest phone booth and see you there. If you are not part of the comic contingent please know that we welcome all genres.
(Dennis Rocks our World, Epic ConFusion Style)

Open Filk

Saturday 11:30 PM Niles

See yesterday’s description, and/or just show up.



Sunday 12:00 AM Dennison III/IV

Vampire Hunter D - In the year 12,090 A.D technology and the supernatural have overtaken the world. But thanks to the overzealous ambitions of man, the world remains desolate and despotic. What's left of the human race is divided into various towns and cities living in fear of vampires who compose and exist as the Nobility, fending off the monsters and mutants as a result of their existence.


Sunday 10:00 AM TeenFusion

Learn the Japanese arts of Paper Cutting and Paper Folding

Bicycling for the Masses

Sunday 10:00 AM Salon H

Bicycling as a viable future form of transportation
(Roxanne Meida King [M], Limey Zrnich)

Kaffeeklatsch with Dr. Harley Thronson

Sunday 10:00 AM Concierge Lounge

*Sign up at Operations* An informal social gathering for coffee and conversation. Harley talks about coffee, NASA, space exploration, you know no big whoop,
(Dr. Harley Thronson)

Reading with John Scalzi and Tobias Buckell

Sunday 10:00 AM Athens

Join two of the most prolific authors in Ohio as they read from forthcoming work.

Light and Pixels - An Introduction to 3D Art

Sunday 10:00 AM Boardroom

Ever get an idea of trying 3D art on your home computer but were intimidated by the learning curve and money? This presentation is designed to introduce you to the basic concepts to help you start learning this electronic medium.
(Terry Williams [M])

The Politics of Steampunk

Sunday 10:00 AM Salon F

Epic fantasy, especially in the Tolkien mold, is often criticized for idealizing the pastoral culture of the medieval past. In that same way, steampunk has been criticized for idealizing the repressive and imperialistic Victorian period.
(Cindy Spencer Pape [M], Steven Harper Piziks, Cat Rambo, Christine Purcell)

CSI – Kidfusion

Sunday 10:00 AM KidFusion Suite

Did a dragon kill the alien or was it the other way around? How do we figure it out? Richard Herrell teaches us the steps involved in crime scene investigating.
(Richard Herrell)

Novels to the Small Screen

Sunday 10:00 AM Salon G

True Blood and The Song of Ice and Fire saga have made the jump to television, and Gaiman's American Gods and King's Dark Tower saga are headed there in the near future. Is television uniquely suited to the adaptation of the novel, or is this a short-lived trend featuring a handful of works with crossover appeal?
(Doselle Young [M], DJ DeSmyter, Ferrett Steinmetz, Dr. Phil Kaldon)

The Action, It Rises

Sunday 11:00 AM Salon F

A respected and well-liked film critic complained that the basic three-act structure could be characterized as "THE ACTION. IT RISES." What is rising action, and how does it apply to the act-based structure of storytelling? Can you write in five acts? 6? 8?
(Merrie Haskell [M], Violette Malan, Charles P. Zaglanis, Saladin Ahmed, Doselle Young)

CocoaClatch Reading and Q&A

Sunday 11:00 AM TeenFusion

Join a young adult author or two as they share a selection from one of their novels. Enjoy Cocoa and Cookies while listening and asking questions about their writing adventures.
(Carrie Harris)

Future of the Publishing Industry

Sunday 11:00 AM Salon G

As it shifts rapidly from paper books to Kindle and other electronic media what are the ramifications for the industry and the reader?
(Roxanne Meida King [M], Jim C. Hines, Rick Jackson)

Small Stories in Epic Fantasy

Sunday 11:00 AM Salon E

Sure, sure, it's time to take down the dark lord of the realm and restore the numinous holy relic to its proper place in the kingdom, while squaring off against an army of slavering hordes... but can we take time out for the heroine to find her peace with her strained relationship with her mother? Can the humorous bard deal with the pain that drives him to make a clown of himself? Or does epic fantasy require epic stories, and only epic stories?
(Bradley Beaulieu [M], Robin Hobb, Patrick Rothfuss, Jason Sanford, Brent Weeks)

Reading with Kameron Hurley and Michelle Sagara West

Sunday 11:00 AM Athens

Join two newcomers to ConFusion as they read from forthcoming work.
(Kameron Hurley, Michelle Sagara West)

KidFusion Gaming

Sunday 11:00 AM KidFusion Suite

Come enjoy a game of Apples to Apples, Kids of Catan or Kids of Carcassonne. Other games will be available and feel free to bring one to share.
(Lisa Garrison-Ragsdale, Alex Brandt, Matthew Ragsdale)

Anime Room

Sunday 11:00 AM Boardroom

Legend of Galactic Heroes - For decades, the Galactic Empire has been locked in an interstellar war with the Free Planets Alliance, a conflict that involves thousands of spaceships and millions of soldiers on both sides. For Reinhard von Musel, this the chance for him to get out of ground forces accept a ship assignment aboard the destroyer Hameln II.

High-Tech Construction Materials

Sunday 11:00 AM Dennison I/II

Presentation looking at recent high-tech building materials, some of which are available for home construction and remodeling. New building materials are being developed with properties that enable them to save energy, improve construction efficiency, and provide new abilities.
(Philip Proefrock)

The Multi-Creative Author

Sunday 11:00 AM Salon H

Creativity does not always strike in a single direction, and many authors have creative impulses in other media. From music to drawing, acting to the fiber arts, writers express their creativity in any number of alternative ways. Come listen to a few discuss their favorite creative hobbies and how it impacts their writing, if at all.
(Catherine Shaffer [M], John Scalzi, Steven Harper Piziks, Myke Cole, Anne Harris)

Powderfilk Biscuits

Sunday 12:00 PM Niles

Are you a shy person? We want to hear from you. This is a safe, no-criticism forum for discussing the problems of being heard in a filk circle when you're shy.
(Mark Bernstein)

Science and Society Panel

Sunday 12:00 PM Salon E

A free flowing discussion of the impact of science on society and of society on science.
(Dr. Harley Thronson, Dr. Phil Kaldon, Ben Best, Dr. Henri Gooren)

Why a WorldCon in Detroit?

Sunday 12:00 PM Dennison I/II

We hosted one in 1959 and co-hosted one in Cleveland in 1965 and bid on a NASFIC for 1985 but nothing since. Why is this? Could we try, should we try again? Why or why not? How would we do it?
(Jeff Beeler [M], Alex von Thorn, David M Stein, Tammy Coxen, Anna O'Connell)

SFOHA Meeting

Sunday 12:00 PM Salon G

Open meeting of the Science Fiction Oral History Association. All are welcome.
(Rick Jackson [M], Joel Zakem)

Native American Culture and History

Sunday 12:00 PM Dennison III/IV

Life on the reservation, how the natives helped the whites in time of need, and the true version of Thanksgiving.
(Daniel Petrie)

Women in Combat

Sunday 01:00 PM Salon F

The role of female combatants has grown in the west over the past several years, continuing the question of what role women can and should play in warfare. Our expert panel discusses the facts and fiction of women in combat.
(Carrie Harris [M], Jim C. Hines, Scott Lynch, Kristine Smith, Kameron Hurley)

Dead Dog Filk.

Sunday 01:00 PM Niles

Stick around for one last chance to share in the music

Epic Sign Language

Sunday 01:00 PM KidFusion Suite

Catherine Bay will teach us how to do some basic sign language and play some signing games with we that you can take home and teach our friends.
(Catherine Bay)

Anime Room

Sunday 01:00 PM Boardroom

City Hunter: Bay City Way – Ryo tries to meet Koari at a new convention center dinner party, but instead has to deal with a South American dictator whos' objectives is to take over the center's supercomputer in order to crack the United States missile launch codes.

Horses and Swords and Castles, Oh My!

Sunday 01:00 PM Salon G

A bold adventurer sits down in an inn, over a bowl of hearty stew...and before long, he (or she) is astride a trusty steed, sword in hand, galloping up toward an imposing castle. Are these props necessary to fantasy, or can they be given a new and interesting twist, or even substituted entirely?
(Myke Cole [M], Patrick Rothfuss, Peter V. Brett, Joe Abercrombie, Bradley Beaulieu)

Reading with Sarah Zettel and Cindy Spencer Pape

Sunday 01:00 PM Athens

Join two prolific Michigan authors as they read from forthcoming works.
(Sarah Zettel, Cindy Spencer Pape)

Anime and Manga

Sunday 01:00 PM Salon H

What we love and hate: Teens and panelists discuss why they like Anime and Manga and what are some of the highs and lows in the genre. Selected Teens and Panelists
(DJ DeSmyter, Doselle Young)

What is the Stilyagi Air Corps?

Sunday 01:00 PM Dennison I/II

What was it? Where is it going? Hear from two past social directors of the Air Corps.
(Jeff Beeler [M], Erik Kauppi)

Anime Room

Sunday 01:40 PM Boardroom

Fairy Tail – Lucy takes her first assignment.

Genre Blending Fantasy

Sunday 02:00 PM Salon G

What sort of subgenres lend themselves to inclusion within the fantasy framework? What are some good examples of genre blending, and are there subgenres which just won't work at all?
(Myke Cole [M], Cindy Spencer Pape, Scott Lynch, Bradley Beaulieu, Saladin Ahmed)

Reading with Patrick Rothfuss

Sunday 02:00 PM Athens

Join our Guest of Honor for a reading of his very own words.
(Patrick Rothfuss)

The Future of Books

Sunday 02:00 PM Salon F

The e-book revolution seems to be upon us, but whither books themselves? Will they only live on as collector items, or will there be a significant market for them for the forseeable future? What about books means they might persist even as ebook readers get cheaper and more ubiquitous?
(DJ DeSmyter [M], Michelle Sagara West, Gretchen Ash, Sarah Zettel)

Epic Relaxation

Sunday 02:00 PM KidFusion Suite

Make a memory book of your weekend while relaxing and munching on leftover snacks from the convention.
(Kristy and Charley Gamble, Larc Bogdan)

Friendship Bracelets

Sunday 02:00 PM TeenFusion

Come make some friendship bracelets to share with your new friends and take home to your old ones.
(Christine Pellar-Kosbar)

Anime Room

Sunday 02:30 PM Boardroom

New Series Preview - There are several new series and we will be taking this last bit of time to show you whats may be available.

Closing Ceremonies

Sunday 03:00 PM Salon E

Come hear the ConCom and interested GoH's final words to Epic Confusion.
(Brian Decker)

Dead Dog Party (4 pm on into the night)

Sunday 04:00 PM Consuite

Come up to the 15th Floor and find out what the consuite has left over and hang with other people who are not yet ready to call it a weekend

Feedback Session

Sunday 04:00 PM Salon E

Please come and let us know what we did right and what needs to be worked on. Everyone is encouraged to come and comment. If you cannot stay this late leave a written comment with Ops. As many of the ConCom and hotel staff as we can gather will be there.
(ConCom, You)

Randy Bradakis

Sunday 04:50 PM Salon E

Randy Bradakis tells you things that he wants to say, and explains why things in the program book weren't right. Jer Lance yells at him.
(Randy Bradakis, Jer Lance)